SPETSNAZ is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club consisting of current and retired police officers, first responders, military professionals and like- minded individuals, who enjoy riding motorcycles and share high moral and ethical values, trust, and dedication.

What makes SPETSNAZ LE MC stand out from the crowd is the fact that most of its members emigrated from the former USSR. We all have a police and/or military background in the Ex-Soviet Union countries. Some of us still maintain an active status as police officers in the US, while others are long-retired from both law enforcement and the military.

We have all become Americans and love this country and its freedom. We feel that the best way to enjoy this freedom is to be on a bike surrounded by your closest friends with an endless road ahead.

SPETSNAZ LE MC is not a 1%er motorcycle club and is not associated with any. We are not territorial. We wear bottom rockers to simply indicate which Chapter we belong to. We do not interfere with the business of any other motorcycle clubs. We respect their rights and expect the same in return. We value the many friendships we have made with other clubs and hope they do the same.

We are a family-oriented motorcycle club. Our members are united in their support for all law enforcement officers and their families.

We are a non-profit organization and are trying to attend as many fundraising events as possible with all proceeds going to charities.

“It's a small world. But not for us!


Our club is the first Russian-American law enforcement motorcycle club formed by law enforcement officers from the former USSR.


Our goal is to unite people who are in any way related to law enforcement agencies and have a passion for riding motorcycles. We stand for high moral values, a sensible approach to life and the spirit of freedom.


“Spetsnaz" (Special Purposes) is the name for the Russian special police and military task forces trained to participate in special operations. With their highest level of professional, moral, psychological, ideological, physical and combat training they are the elite of all law enforcement agencies.

We chose this name because some of the club members are former special forces operatives, and we aspire to be the best among our comrades, to be a pillar of support for our families, to support the people who think along the same lines as us and to protect the interests of those who need protection. The name "Spetsnaz" stands for the high standards that we set for ourselves.


SPETSNAZ. Why is our club called "Spetsnaz"? Firstly, all the members of the Club have served or now serving in the SWAT, FSB "Alpha" Group, Russian Internal Troops special forces or Military forces, and, secondly, we have a special mission: to support the families of fallen policemen and veterans, to make sure that their heroic deeds are not forgotten and their families are never in need. To make sure that the children know that their fathers have given their lives for a noble cause.

Florida: Our club is located in Miami, Florida.

LE MC: Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

The Shield and the Sword symbolize our readiness to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We are ready to help in word and in deed. Plus, this symbol has been used by USSR special forces and police for ages.

The Double-Headed Eagle is on our shield because it is one of the two Russian national symbols.

The American and Russian flags stand for the friendly relations between the two countries. In this case, the Russian flag symbolizes all post Soviet Union countries, not just Russian Federation itself.

The Thin Blue Line Ribbon symbolizes our relation to The Law Enforcememt.


German Bickbau


“Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.”

... And other club fathers